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How this system works:

  • Standard events get just a little text plus this center column.
  • Promoted events get the right and left sidebars
  • All events get the header + tagline
  • Featured Events get the big banner

To get your event promoted, it's not too tough. Just contact me, and make your case. Not everything is a good match for promoted events, such as every single farmers market or play show. But if it's a special case, (ie, the show opening or a great musician coming to the market), then it can get promoted.

Getting featured events is much more difficult. There's a limited number at a time, and only 1 will be shown on the homepage. Same system applies for now, contact me and make your case. But it has to be really special to get featured. An example of a good featured event is the 4th of July Parade or Cove to Clover.

Big fundraisers or events that support special causes are more likely to get promoted or featured. Eventually, you'll be able to feature or featured your own events, however pricing for these types hasn't been established yet.

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